How Do I Become a Christian?


Before you become a Christian, you have to understand what a Christian is in terms of what the Bible tells us. Below are some important questions to ask. Click on the question to see what we believe. Alternatively find out about Alpha, a place to ask questions about faith.

Simply put, a Christian is a person who follows Jesus Christ and His example and who has been ‘saved’ by Him.

What Do I Do Now?

God made it easy to put things right with Him. All you have to do is confess you are a sinner and believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection was sufficient to pay for your sin and to restore your relationship with God. This one simple thing is what makes a person a Christian. Becoming a Christian is not about rituals, going to church, or doing particular things while steering clear from doing others. Becoming a Christian is about having a personal and real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you understand and believe that you have done things wrong that do not meet God’s perfect standards and are worthy of God’s judgment?

Do you understand and believe that Jesus took your punishment and gave you a way of repairing your relationship with God by dying in your place?

Do you understand and believe that Jesus’ death was a sufficient sacrifice to pay for your sins?

If your answers to these three questions are yes, then simply put your trust in Jesus as your Saviour. If you’re worried about doing it right, you could say a prayer – just speak it out and know that God is listening and hears you. Tell God how thankful you are for Jesus. Confess that you have done things wrong in your life and ask God to forgive you for them. Thank Jesus for dying for your sins and providing a way for you to be saved. Ask Him to help you live in a way that is pleasing to Him as you move forward in your life.

Remember, just reciting a prayer cannot save you. It has to be a real commitment and you need to take a step of faith as you trust in Jesus. That is the biblical way of salvation.

You are now ready to embark on the greatest faith walk of your life!

I’m a New Christian –
What Do I Do Now?


First, start reading the Bible. John’s Gospel (the fourth book in the New Testament) is always a good place to start. Choose a Bible that’s easy to understand and is faithful to the original text, such as ‘The Message’. Visit or our Church bookshop.

Second, begin praying. Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. You may feel that it’s a bit of a one-way conversation, however, be reassured that God hears every single word that you say to Him.

Third, as a new Christian, tell someone about your faith. Becoming a Christian is not meant to be a secret! Tell anyone who will listen to you – even though it might not be easy.

Fourth, as a new Christian, make friends with others Christians. Find a Bible believing church to go to, so that you can be around others who will help and support you.

Fifth, as a new Christian be Baptised. Baptism symbolizes your new life in Jesus and tells the world you are now committed to Him. Even Jesus was baptized and He tells us to do the same. Baptism is not just for people who go to a Baptist Church – it’s for everyone who has made a commitment to follow Jesus.

If you want to connect with us here at Stockton Baptist Church, you can contact us or come along to a Sunday service – we’d love to meet you!