International Mission Action Group (IMAG)


What is Mission?

Christian Mission is a call to follow Jesus’ command to share the gospel with the rest of the world, and most evangelical churches that want to make others aware of the good news of Jesus will have some kind of missionary outreach programme.

What Does IMAG Do?

IMAG is a group of people who meet every three months to discuss and plan mission activities (specifically those carried out overseas). The church sets aside a budget each year for mission and it is the duty of IMAG to use these funds wisely.

The team’s main task is to raise awareness of our responsibility as a church to support and take part in mission. It maintains links with our current outreach activity centres and promotes communication with everyone involved. The group keeps the church informed about what is going on and also of things that are planned for the future.

Current Mission Activity

In recent years we have been committed to working with some of the poorest communities in Kenya and Uganda. A variety of teams have been involved in regular visits to schools to work with the children and teens there. We have built medical centres, set up sewing rooms, built kitchens, helped fund school extensions and have also devised health care programmes, delivering eye tests and a variety of other medical treatments. We have also developed strong relations with the prison service in Uganda and are among the few who are given permission to minister unconditionally to those in prison.

We also currently support missionaries working in Peru and the Middle East.

Who Can be Involved?

Anyone can!

If you have a passion for what God is doing abroad, or have any worthy missions that you would like to discuss, then get in touch. Our group activities are listed on this page, as well as on the church notice board and are regularly included in the church’s weekly bulletin.

We are happy to hear from anyone who would like to get involved, either by praying regularly, offering financial support or by direct involvement in our projects abroad.

If you want further information please speak to our group leader, Phil Inch.

IMAG Photo Stream

Photos from our mission trips will appear in the photo stream below. Click on the images for larger version of the photographs.